Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the singer/songwriter Mia Taylor has developed an incredible and unique sound for herself. With a blend of Soca and R&B music, she has combined her Trini heritage with her Brooklyn vibe. From a young age, she has had a special kind of love for the arts, starting off her journey as a dancer. Her beloved grandfather, a popular steel pan player, poured his love for Soca music into her development, which influenced Mia to carry on her grandfather's legacy within her music. In fact, it is her dream to create a supportive platform for the genre of music so that it can become more mainstream. 

As Mia Taylor's artistry grew, she found herself attending the world's most prestigious music college, Berklee College of Music, as a Music Business and Songwriting major. Here is where she honed in her skills for performing, songwriting and marketing. After she graduated, she refused to let the COVID-19 pandemic slow her down. Mia has had the privilege of competing in a songwriting competition for Soca icon, Kerwin du Bois. Following her win, she is now a chosen member of S.P.U.T, and continues to work with an incredible group of underground songwriters and artists. 

An island girl in the city, Mia Taylor has a sound like no other, making her the kind of artist that will change the sound of the music industry.