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Bringing the perfect combo of city vibes and tropical flare, Mia Taylor is a Brooklyn raised creative and artist who has intertwined her Trini roots and love for R&B to bring a unique sound known as Soca-Soul. 

Her passion for music developed at an early age through her beloved grandfather, who was a widely known steel-pan player. He devotedly poured his love for Soca music into Mia, encouraging her to successfully train as a professional dancer and later as a singer/songwriter at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Since then, Mia Taylor has invented her island girl in the city brand. With bold and juicy tropical color ways, she was inspired to write her hit single ‘MANGO’ in 2020. This was later followed with a brand partnership representing Trinidad for Nike’s West Indies Campaign. She followed with the releases of  ‘UMMHM’ and her most recent single ‘Traitor Joe’.

She is consistently working to make Soca mainstream, through her influence of Soca and Soul.

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